Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something about CCK~☆

Hello dear readers! I’m really sorry about not updating the blog for such a long period ; ;
But I really wanted to, trust me!

Anyways today after months of silence about the issue I have something really important to get off my chest which needs to be said and shared someway with you. So here I am finally ready to say something that's been really tough for me which happened 7 months ago.
Why now? I've always wanted to avoid doing it, though it's seems better to let it out because it seems at some point people tend to misunderstand things a bit. I thought there would have been no need to say anything, people take their own decisions. Things happen it's as simple as that.
Most of all, I didn’t say anything because I think there should be a general common sense, a kind of adult behavior, honesty, and a sort of not written deal when two people stop to be friends and continue to live their life by their own. Therefore, call it whatever you want, kindness, discretion, common sense,  I don’t care, but I was convinced that there's was no need to say anything publicly about the matter. But it's better for me to talk a bit more about this now~
This would be something regarding me and my ex friend only, however, things are a bit different because there was a project between us, and now everything can be confusing for someone.  And no, I really don't want misunderstandings to happen.
Plus, it seems that curious people or just people in general, would get the opposite of the actual story, or worse, they would spread false informations about it without knowing anything.  So..
What’s happened to the Cute Can Kill project in January?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Magical Girl Pache is not a dream!☆

This is a post about a kitty. 
A kitty who dreamt about being a magical girl.

This is a long story and everything started because she used to sleep very, very close to a darling, precious Creamy Mami blanket~ 

In facts, as time passes by, she felt these strong feelings inside her growing and growing, this great will to become a little magical heroin, and to could, one day, be dressed like the girl she spent days staring at (when she didn't sleep, obviously)~

She spent also hours looking at herself in that cute pastel bears mirror, 
wondering all hopeful "Will I become a magical girl, one day?"

Sometimes she gave up, and saddened by this surreal wish she had, she looked at the mirror, and suddenly she teared a bit, thinking about how impossible that sounded...

But one day she had enough of staring and crying.. she found all her courage, she decided it was time to act! (and that's incredible, if you know how great her lazyness is) 
Considering her owner tastes and passions, she managed to find all the things she needed in an heartbeat, one day, just when her owner wasn't around~
And there, suprisingly, something amazing and really magical happened! 

Oh my god! ♥ She finally, definitely, managed to turn into a magical girl, 
and not a plain one but into Creamy Mami

You could imagine her happyness and excitement but, all of a sudden she started to feel extremely embarassed and out of place, and maybe just uncomfortable, just a bit..


It was the first time for her, as a kitty, to feel that way... but she was stronger, and she faced her mix of feelings and she was proud, in the end, to keep her head up and firmly hold her magical wand in her paw, ready to sing and do lots and lots of magics!!

I just know that, when I'm far from her, when she suddenly feels that need to feel like a magical girl again, she will dress up again, and the room will be full of magic!!

bonus pic~ a lovely drawing made by Ribbon, which make me start to think about this story //D

Sunday, March 25, 2012

★Dreamy marshmallow!★

Hii lovelies~
As usual the last update was more than a month ago, I have so many things to talk about and so many news to tell you and so many posts I want to make, hopefully really, really soon~ 
Today I have something really really important to talk about and to show you~  (´ ´//)³(// ` ) 

Lately, I discovered a wonderful japanese artists community, mostly through twitter and tumblr, who makes the cutest and the sweetest art, seriously! (o* *o)
Their art style is usually kinda 80's inspired and super colorful,
I am so in love with it at the moment!

So, while I was admiring and looking for illustrations and such, I came across an amazing artist, called Marshmallow, and when I saw her artworks I literally fell in love with her style! 
She makes the cutest illustrations, I would buy every single art piece from her! (//*///◞౪◟///*//)
As you can see from her blog, she has an incredible collection of 80's and 90's toys, too, 
she owns so many treasures!! Another reason to love her! 

We started to write e-mails and we decided to being penpals and to make a swap~
Now you can imagine my happyness!  (♥*//)3(// *♥ )
Well, yesterday I received her magical package, and god.... I'm still so so so happy, everything is so amazing and I feel so lucky and I think I don't deserve it and aaaw I almost cried! ♥(。→v←。)♥
I would go on all night talking about how happy she mades me! 
But I'll let the pictures talks instead~

She packed everything carefully and when I opened the package I screamed of joy, 
well, it was obvious I would have done it! ♥ 
(Also, after I got the other package from my lovely wife Ribbon, you blog readers must be used to my extreme happyness related to the moment I open such lovely packages eheh //D)

Well, these are the reasons why I almost passed out..owning and holding her suuuuuper magical and lovely artworks in my hands it's been the best part I think!! 
I adore her style!! ;///u///; 
I'll surely attach these on my wall! ★:::

Sweet heart shaped frames sheets she sent me, how cute is she? ;; 

 Here you are a picture of the two postcards she gave me, I adore both like crazy! 
I love her unique style, she drawn those little magical and weird creatures, too <3

A cute big sticker from the artshow she attended!

These are lovely~~ (pq♥∀♥`) She just opened a shop with her own creations, I love it! 

They are so sparkling!  

 o I can't wait to wear them~~

 This is so cute! A jewelpet bear toy, Labra! He lights up when you shake him! * u *


A lovely silky Sweetie pup from the 80's!  
Oh, I love her, her hair are really silky, too soft... and it's lilac!
She's been so nice and kind to gave me a vintage toy, too~ ;//v//;♥

 Awww this is so colorful~~ * o* I love SWIMMER illustrations so much, and this one is great!

 Her letter was the cutest thing of them all~~ ♥(ლ๑//´v`//๑)

 Swimmer stationery ♥

Well, I really really loved she drawn her cute little creatures all over the sheets, and look at this super cute self portrait she did ; U;♥ 

 I am still so damn happy!!! ♥(ლ๑//´v`//๑) 
Marshmallow is a sweet sweet girl and a wonderful artist and I'm so glad we became penpals and friends!!
 I hope to meet her one day, soon!♥
Thank you again my darling <333

I am so happy lately, I received all these special gifts from lovely girls,  
                  well I need to make them some more things for sure! 
I'm becoming addicted to write letters and send gifts, eheeh~
I'ts all for now, I'll come back with the second part of my room tour soon, lovelies!