Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heaven exists!! ☆::

Yes, my dreamer friends, exactly like I said, it exists and I got it in my hands just this morning and telling you how much I was happy, is basically impossible, I guess~

 Sometimes ago, a lovely girl, Ribbon♥, asked me to draw her blog header and she is so nice and kind that she wanted to pay for it~ I was really really flattered to being asked that from her because I like her aesthetic and fashion sense and her in general, and I was like
"uhhooaah (/////◞//౪//◟////)!!" Well, I didn't feel to receive money off that, I didn't ever make commissions or being paid for it so far, probably because I don't think my art deserve that much in return and what we've decided to do was a sort of trade-swap~
I made the header for her blog, Dreamydarling, and I must say this pushed me to open mine, too♥ 
I think I should thank her because it's fun and I didn't know Blogger was this fun 
Anyway, she arranged everything in a super cute way, I love seeing her posts and pictures~✩:: 
After a while, she sent me a package, and I sent her mine, (though I sent mine with a bit of late ;;)

I was really happy because I love making swaps with people with similar tastes and interests! (ღ*⌣*) But when today I got it and opened it, well.... I really couldn't have ever imagined she would have put all these amazing things inside and basically I'm died from the cuteness overload, seriously..
I was extremely happy and and.. I don't know how but she understood perfectly my taste in those kind of things, and she sent me too many precious and special goodies, I feel super hyper lucky, and actually I feel I don't deserve all this! ;//3//; You can see by yourself, I'm still so damned happy!

Now you understand why I got crazy today!!  ( 0  )
Valentines candy and chocolates, Spank! goodies and postcards, Creamy Mami things, a wonderful Swimmer mirror and a rocking horse phone charm, a cute double hearts sharpener and eraser, and a super sweet mermaid my little pony!
 She's really the sweetest person in this world~ ;;

She sent me super super lovely Spank! accessories (♥* 0 *♥) a barrette, a pair of earrings and the plastic bag, which I adore it and I actually attached on my wall~

THAT mermaid my little pony, you know? I really really wanted one of them! ;3;

She's a cutie! 

And look, just look ; 3; she sent me a lot of sweethearts candy boxes, heart shaped white chocolates, a cute lollipop, and a funny heart lollipop ring <3
 I so much wanted them, I didn't live in USA, so I didn't own any,
and I can say they are really cute! I love them

Then, she also put this amazingly beautiful Creamy Mamy handbag and.. you know what? 
I wanted it, too! Plus a lovely medallion with a cute mirror inside, I had one, but.. two is better! *//3//*

Okay when I found this I was almost passed out I think, damn, it's just perfect!
SWIMMER has the cutest stuff and I'm so happy right now, I ADORE it! ლ(´ ❥ `ლ)

I attached these lovely postcards on my wall, and you can see also a cute peter pan letter box  

Damn, she even made a cute cute cute drawing of us, aaawww!! 
I'm a too touched husband, I'm crying and blushing! ;////;

Look how cute it is! 

Well, now I feel I want to give her other gifts ehehe,

though I really hope she'll like the things I sent her ~;//;

Thanks, thanks, thanks  again!
Everything is awesome and magical! ☆::☆::☆::

I know this it's been a post basically full of "sweet, cute and lovely", but seriously,  how could have I avoid to say things like that?!

Anyway, I hope you liked this entry and I'll come back really soon with the rest of my room tour! 

See you!☆::

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

☆ Room tour pt.1☆

♥ ♫ It's been a while, right? 
But I guess I'm being a good girl trying to not neglect my blog too much~ :D
I told you before I wanted to make a kind of room tour post, so, here I am with tons of pics for you!

I've decided to split it into two or three parts, because I wanted it to be full of details and I actually made too many pics, ahah~ (´◔◞౪◟◔‘)

This first post will show you some of my toys on a shelf and the sofa area~

As you probably noticed from the previous post, well maybe it's impossible to see actually, but well, the sofa is basically the living-room of my silly Pache, my cat ~

I've recently spent a lot of time to arrange my new room and though it's not finished,
I'm pretty happy of how it is now (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♥ 
This is the part I love most~ 

I've painted a shelf lilac and I've put there part of my little plastic toys, ponies and a Lady Lovely Locks pixietails tree playset~

I've attached hearts and stuff there and there /D

I don't really have so many ponies yet, but thanks to my lovely friend Julie I have some more now, I've definitely  decided I need a pony army by my side (´ლ`;) Got to do something and buy tons!

As if he wasn't enough silly just being himself with that face and such, I've dressed one of my lady lovely locks dragon as a kind of 80's bride thing /D 
Now it's even more weird, eheh~ ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶
Princess, the swan keyper, is one of the gift I received from Julie, too~
Isn't she precious? ; ;

I have the pony keyper since I was a child, I've kept it in good conditions, I really loved it <3  
Behind I've put two of my vintage notebooks as a sort of background, a Lady lovely locks one and a Cherry merry muffins one ´ 3`♥

This is a big Poochie automatic sharpener, her ears are fluffy~

Cute baby ponies <3

I consider this as a real treasure (o*  *)o It's a big Little twin stars sticker dated 1976,
 I think I'll never remove it from that plastic bag~

A baby bat and various things on my sofa~

I have this Fairy tail since a lot of years, too! It's adorable and I'd like to have many others~

This playset is really really cute, it's a tree house for those lovely colored pixietails~☆:::

The silly stars bride~ (๑'ʚ'๑)♥

And then, as usual, my love Pache is resting a bit close to her official lover, 
a dandy bunny in a very elegant suit~ 
I'll keep you up to date with the private business of these two, hoho~

That's all for now! ♪

I'll show you the rest of my room in a few days!

Kisses~ ☆