Thursday, February 23, 2012

Heaven exists!! ☆::

Yes, my dreamer friends, exactly like I said, it exists and I got it in my hands just this morning and telling you how much I was happy, is basically impossible, I guess~

 Sometimes ago, a lovely girl, Ribbon♥, asked me to draw her blog header and she is so nice and kind that she wanted to pay for it~ I was really really flattered to being asked that from her because I like her aesthetic and fashion sense and her in general, and I was like
"uhhooaah (/////◞//౪//◟////)!!" Well, I didn't feel to receive money off that, I didn't ever make commissions or being paid for it so far, probably because I don't think my art deserve that much in return and what we've decided to do was a sort of trade-swap~
I made the header for her blog, Dreamydarling, and I must say this pushed me to open mine, too♥ 
I think I should thank her because it's fun and I didn't know Blogger was this fun 
Anyway, she arranged everything in a super cute way, I love seeing her posts and pictures~✩:: 
After a while, she sent me a package, and I sent her mine, (though I sent mine with a bit of late ;;)

I was really happy because I love making swaps with people with similar tastes and interests! (ღ*⌣*) But when today I got it and opened it, well.... I really couldn't have ever imagined she would have put all these amazing things inside and basically I'm died from the cuteness overload, seriously..
I was extremely happy and and.. I don't know how but she understood perfectly my taste in those kind of things, and she sent me too many precious and special goodies, I feel super hyper lucky, and actually I feel I don't deserve all this! ;//3//; You can see by yourself, I'm still so damned happy!

Now you understand why I got crazy today!!  ( 0  )
Valentines candy and chocolates, Spank! goodies and postcards, Creamy Mami things, a wonderful Swimmer mirror and a rocking horse phone charm, a cute double hearts sharpener and eraser, and a super sweet mermaid my little pony!
 She's really the sweetest person in this world~ ;;

She sent me super super lovely Spank! accessories (♥* 0 *♥) a barrette, a pair of earrings and the plastic bag, which I adore it and I actually attached on my wall~

THAT mermaid my little pony, you know? I really really wanted one of them! ;3;

She's a cutie! 

And look, just look ; 3; she sent me a lot of sweethearts candy boxes, heart shaped white chocolates, a cute lollipop, and a funny heart lollipop ring <3
 I so much wanted them, I didn't live in USA, so I didn't own any,
and I can say they are really cute! I love them

Then, she also put this amazingly beautiful Creamy Mamy handbag and.. you know what? 
I wanted it, too! Plus a lovely medallion with a cute mirror inside, I had one, but.. two is better! *//3//*

Okay when I found this I was almost passed out I think, damn, it's just perfect!
SWIMMER has the cutest stuff and I'm so happy right now, I ADORE it! ლ(´ ❥ `ლ)

I attached these lovely postcards on my wall, and you can see also a cute peter pan letter box  

Damn, she even made a cute cute cute drawing of us, aaawww!! 
I'm a too touched husband, I'm crying and blushing! ;////;

Look how cute it is! 

Well, now I feel I want to give her other gifts ehehe,

though I really hope she'll like the things I sent her ~;//;

Thanks, thanks, thanks  again!
Everything is awesome and magical! ☆::☆::☆::

I know this it's been a post basically full of "sweet, cute and lovely", but seriously,  how could have I avoid to say things like that?!

Anyway, I hope you liked this entry and I'll come back really soon with the rest of my room tour! 

See you!☆::


  1. waaa è tutto bellissimissimo ç*ç è stata carinissima a mandarti questi super regalini, ha proprio azzeccato i tuoi gusti!

    Comunque io trovo che tu sia super brava con la grafica *w* piacerebbe tanto anche a me ricevere un header fatto da te <3

    1. Sii, è stato un colpo, sono quasi morta di gioia ahah♥♥♥ (◍* ਊ*◍)
      E' davvero dolcissima, la adoro! <3
      Davvero? ;//3//; non so credo di dover migliorare un sacco!! Aaw ma grazie eheheh <3 hai intenzione di cambiare grafica? Sarebeb carino un header fatto con una tua foto e qualche sfondo photoshoppatino o fotomontaggiato, non so se mi hai capito xD

  2. OH MY GOD the Mami stuff! Any idea where I can get stuff like that too? The compact is so cute!

    1. I know, they are perfect♥
      Mmm I don't know actually, I knew sometime ago strapya was selling these things but there're surely other japanese import shops that sell creamy mami goodies online, you can try to search on google~ :D

  3. Wow! What amazing treats! I bet you had the best time looking at everything, and they'll all look so cute in your room!

    1. Thank you!(⋈・◡・)✰ Exactly! It was like Christmas to me ahah♥

  4. ♡ ♡ ♡ I've already told you but again I'm so grateful that you love my gifts (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣o˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)⁼³₌₃
    I love swapping with people with similar interests too~
    Oh I'm so embarrassed by my letter too! When I wrote about you not having many ponies then I saw you got more from other swaps ohhoho! Also the letter was written before we were married ////

    OH MY!! Your handsome crying face on my letter!
    It is too perfect. I need to frame this portrait of your beautiful face!
    & you're wearing the bow tie from our wedding, you are such a romantic sweetiepie~ (*´艸`*)

    1. Oh, I bet you can understand how much you made me happy, eheheheeheheh~ ♥♥♥ღ( ँ/// ੬/// هँ ღ)
      Don't be embarassed, your letter is so sweet and your little drawing is adorable! <3 Aahah yes, that mades me so happy that you remembered about it ;//u//; And that baby pony is the cutest!

      (ღ;/// ੬/// ; ღ) you made me cry, oh my! I'm just crafting a precious medallion with my dandy pretty face inside for you!

  5. Oh!!(☆θ☆)
    All the presents you got from Ribbon are lovely!! (*>u<*)
    too cute!!haha(*´∀`*) (*´∀`*)

    1. Thanks! Arent' they? ♥´∀`♥
      It's probably the "dream package" to me ahah~

  6. ahh anche tu sei passata su blogspot yeaaah adoro leggere i blog delle persone che mi piacciono *^* e il tuo è così pieno di cose carine ;A;
    che bello swaaaaap è stata veramente carina *-* noi dobbiamo ancora vederci anche io devo darti i miei regalini ;A;
    e comunque sei un'ottima artista *____* lo sai io adoro ciò che fai!! Il disegno che hai fatto per me è estremamente perfetto e ha ricevuto TROPPISSIMI reblog su tumblr tipo 200 e passa è_é9

    1. Blogspot è uan figata! Facile e funzionale~♥*´∀`*
      Grazieeee~♥ Oh ora vado a spulciare il tuo! Si, davvero.. troppe cose stupende ;//3//;
      Ohhh, ma non preoccuaprti! >3< Però si mi fa piacere se ci vediamo! Posso anche venire al prossimo maid cafè! * v *

      Grazie millissime!(´っ//◞౪◟//c)<3 Mi piacerebbe disegnare ancora meglio, voglio migliorare, ma sono contenta ti piacciano le cose che disegno!♥♥♥

  7. Coucou ma chérie comment va tu ? ♥
    ton blog est magnifique j'adore , tu me manques tellement

    tu as eu de merveilleux cadeau j'adore les choses swimmer et spank c'est mon rêve ^O^
    j'éspere te revoir cette éte gros bisou ma puce <3

    1. I'm good my darling!♥♥♥ Aww thank you so much! I'm happy you like it<3
      Yeah she's been really sweet! ;;

      Oh I hope we'll meet soon, really soon mà cherie!!♥

  8. Hi Lila, it's Pony! I finally have my blogpost! Do not hesitate to follow! What you got is really beautiful, I'm dead. , U ,

    1. Hi dear~♥ I already followed you! eheh <3
      Thanks! I'm dead too ; u;♥