Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm just a Little Twin stars lover ★彡

Hello! ★彡

I came back to blogging *put a serious face here* and I opened a new blog on blogspot after I left my previous one basically  abandoned to itself, poor thing~ ( •́ 3 •̀♥)
Soo, another start, another blog, seems right isn't it?
This time I'm really convinced to let this one keeping me company for a longer time, I will treat you well mr. blog, you'll have a better fate, for sure~  ົ̅࿉ ົ̅

Sometime ago I've decided to give my little collection a chance to be photographed, I've always been quite messy with my personal things and I tend to put them scattered all around and I didn't have any proper space to put them and arrange them in a cuter way until now~ 

Some of you probably know that my biggest love, when it comes to kawaii stuff and such, is and will remain Little twin stars by sanrio~

I simply adore them, the drawing style, the concept, the colours, it's like they were someway my favourite fairytale of them all ;//u//;
I'm mostly fascinated with the vintage illustrations and designs, and with the fact the style it's almost remained the same after all this time! * o*
I've been collecting stuff from them since years but sadly, I stopped some years ago ; 3 ;
I mean, when I see something at cons and shops and everywhere and I can afford it, I grab it istantly~ But I don't buy that many things like I used to do before... anyway, I might start again, I'll never get enough ,I guess eheh~

So I'll start to show you my stationery Little twin stars items and my mirrors and combs as well~ 

My big fault is that I use all the things I buy, and some of them get ruined after a while..
It's just that I can't resist, I have to use them to really feel I own them, lol /D
Actually, if I really care about an item I try to handle with much care, and sometime I happened to buy two of  an item I really really liked~

But here you are, these are pretty much my memos, notebooks, and so on~ 

All togheter~

These are really two precious things for me, the little pink book is a vintage 1976 origami book and it's like the sweetest thing in the whole world ; 3; And the shooting star memo is from a old serie, maybe from 2002 I don't remember, and it's perfect, really~

Little memos and star sheets, the one on the right is a chinese fake replica I guess, but it's pretty cute!

I've used these two for a long time~ 


Ohh and I think I have some other notebooks around I can't find right now ;;

Here you can see my little combs and mirrors collection <3

These two are really my favourite ;3 ; They are from 1976 

Aren't they made of magic? (╯ᆺ╰๑)

They also have a plastic bag (well, quite not so translucent any more)

They are ooold~ ;◞౪◟;

This is a letter shaped mirror (the adhesive it's a bit ruined, sigh) and can be opened~

How cute they are? Even printed on the mirror surface..

  Well, it's all for now, little dreamers people~ ω ᷅
I hope you liked this entry~
Soon I'm going to write about my other Lts items and probably the other sanrio characters I like

With lots of love and magic~★彡

 p.s. I just finished to make the new header~ What do you guys think?
I like the idea of the name, I'll try to turn this place into a magical and fairy place♥ 


  1. Oh my god Lila~! Your layout is SO cute ♡♡♡
    I think I just died ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

    Oh~~ Your LTS items are too adorable!
    It's funny that we both like to collect the older LTS stuff haha,
    I really need to make a post with my collection sometime now!

    1. aaaah♥( ँ/// ੬/// هँ )♥ Thank you! I'm so happy you like it! I wasn't sure about the bunny but I'll see if change it or not~ anyway, it means a lot if it comes from youuu sweet lady ;;♥

      Eheeheh another thing in common~☆彡Omg I can't wait to see yours! I think I could just pass out immediately ahah~ dooo it!<3

  2. Your collection is very cute!! (^^)

    1. Thank you so much!(●´ᆺ`)<3
      I'm glad you like it~ ☆彡

  3. ( ~ ◕ฺฺܫฺ ◕) Everything is so perfect ★*♪。☆*★*♪。☆*

  4. Eeeew thank you!( ・ω・人・ω・)♥

  5. Hoow god ;A;/ Thank you for your message!! I love your blog too! (and CCK and
    your tumblr(~*3*)~
    So I put something to follow my blog. I didn't put it before because I think
    it's not beautifull e_e~
    I wonder if I should write my message in english too..
    X0X0 ♫

    1. yaaay! I just followed you! ♥
      And thanks ; 3; <3
      Don't say soo you're such a really interesting person and I'd like to read your entries a lot!(●´ω`)<3 So yeah, you could eheh, but only if you want obviously ;D

  6. Yeah it look ridiculous... The sayin of 6% Doki Doki is somethink like "kawaii anarchy" LOL where is anarchy?

    1. yeah I'm agree... hopefully they will release something really good again in the future!

  7. Awwwww, i love the 'Little Twin Stars'!!! Your blog is so cute :-)
    I'm new to blogger, i used to blog on Buzznet but thought i'd give blogger a go instead. Not sure how it all works or how to follow yet but yeah...super cute blog!!! :-)

    1. Thank you so much!!( ●* ਊ *●)<333
      Aaaw well, I super recommend it to you, it's so good and easy to use ♥
      I just followed yours, I loved the graphic! * v*

  8. Awww everytime I see whatever little twins stars objects or designs I just melt inside, having the cliché kawaiiiiii feeling but .... I mean... awwwww *///*
    (well actually the same in front of your georgous CCK crations *o*)
    Your collection is amazing !! I start to buy kiki&lala things in the past year (hmmm I admet that there is a trend going on about it and I was sensitive to it huhu) but it's so far that was could be call a collection~
    Anyway, I really love your cute blog, keep on it *o*

  9. Ahaah I can understand what you mean /D I had a massive kawaii phase years ago and I must admit I am less fascinated now, rather than I was years ago by kawaii characters~
    I mean, I still like some of them but for some reasons I stopped buying sanrio, san-x and other kawaii brands stuff, except for those two and a few others.. those two *3* I think I'll love them for ever ahaha~
    Ohh thank you! (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♥♥♥
    Aaw you must keep on collecting things, I want to see your collection! * o*
    I think vintage Lts items are really precious and sometime you can find really good findings on ebay too, speaking of the new items, sadly, the more time that passes, the more sanrio heightens prices of their products, sigh ; n;

    Thank you I'm so glad you like it! ٩(●*▿*●)
    I like yours too <3