Sunday, March 25, 2012

★Dreamy marshmallow!★

Hii lovelies~
As usual the last update was more than a month ago, I have so many things to talk about and so many news to tell you and so many posts I want to make, hopefully really, really soon~ 
Today I have something really really important to talk about and to show you~  (´ ´//)³(// ` ) 

Lately, I discovered a wonderful japanese artists community, mostly through twitter and tumblr, who makes the cutest and the sweetest art, seriously! (o* *o)
Their art style is usually kinda 80's inspired and super colorful,
I am so in love with it at the moment!

So, while I was admiring and looking for illustrations and such, I came across an amazing artist, called Marshmallow, and when I saw her artworks I literally fell in love with her style! 
She makes the cutest illustrations, I would buy every single art piece from her! (//*///◞౪◟///*//)
As you can see from her blog, she has an incredible collection of 80's and 90's toys, too, 
she owns so many treasures!! Another reason to love her! 

We started to write e-mails and we decided to being penpals and to make a swap~
Now you can imagine my happyness!  (♥*//)3(// *♥ )
Well, yesterday I received her magical package, and god.... I'm still so so so happy, everything is so amazing and I feel so lucky and I think I don't deserve it and aaaw I almost cried! ♥(。→v←。)♥
I would go on all night talking about how happy she mades me! 
But I'll let the pictures talks instead~

She packed everything carefully and when I opened the package I screamed of joy, 
well, it was obvious I would have done it! ♥ 
(Also, after I got the other package from my lovely wife Ribbon, you blog readers must be used to my extreme happyness related to the moment I open such lovely packages eheh //D)

Well, these are the reasons why I almost passed out..owning and holding her suuuuuper magical and lovely artworks in my hands it's been the best part I think!! 
I adore her style!! ;///u///; 
I'll surely attach these on my wall! ★:::

Sweet heart shaped frames sheets she sent me, how cute is she? ;; 

 Here you are a picture of the two postcards she gave me, I adore both like crazy! 
I love her unique style, she drawn those little magical and weird creatures, too <3

A cute big sticker from the artshow she attended!

These are lovely~~ (pq♥∀♥`) She just opened a shop with her own creations, I love it! 

They are so sparkling!  

 o I can't wait to wear them~~

 This is so cute! A jewelpet bear toy, Labra! He lights up when you shake him! * u *


A lovely silky Sweetie pup from the 80's!  
Oh, I love her, her hair are really silky, too soft... and it's lilac!
She's been so nice and kind to gave me a vintage toy, too~ ;//v//;♥

 Awww this is so colorful~~ * o* I love SWIMMER illustrations so much, and this one is great!

 Her letter was the cutest thing of them all~~ ♥(ლ๑//´v`//๑)

 Swimmer stationery ♥

Well, I really really loved she drawn her cute little creatures all over the sheets, and look at this super cute self portrait she did ; U;♥ 

 I am still so damn happy!!! ♥(ლ๑//´v`//๑) 
Marshmallow is a sweet sweet girl and a wonderful artist and I'm so glad we became penpals and friends!!
 I hope to meet her one day, soon!♥
Thank you again my darling <333

I am so happy lately, I received all these special gifts from lovely girls,  
                  well I need to make them some more things for sure! 
I'm becoming addicted to write letters and send gifts, eheeh~
I'ts all for now, I'll come back with the second part of my room tour soon, lovelies!


  1. How sweet~!!♥
    Everything is just so amazing! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
    As you know, I just really love this new art style too! It's so lovely and really inspires me to start drawing more hehe~
    I'm also really in love with these swaps too☆ They are the best when you do them with friends that share similar interets (〜 ☌ω☌)〜

    1. ٩(●; ▿ ;●)۶ Yeah, it really is!♥
      aaaaw we should draw something togheter, damn! இɷஇ
      Exactly, it's such a sweet and exciting and fun thing~ ;//3//;

      *thinking about the next gifts for her wife ღ( ँ/// ੬/// هँ ღ)*

  2. Aww ~~ ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ I want to make swap too! (╥﹏╥)All this is so sweet and we see that she is placed in the heart ~ ~ Her drawings are fantastic, her style is unique. <3 Congratulations on acquiring all these cute things ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

    1. Eheeheh! I don't know when but we'll make one in the future <3
      Indeed, she's so original!♥♥♥
      Thank you mon petite! ٩(◕ั ˑ ◕ั๑)

  3. Wooooow you seems to find the perfect penpal ! *o* I knew Marshmallow by her magical drawings poping on tumblr and hiiii that's so cute and totally like your world <3 I also envy you to have a japanese penpal, I should try too but I'm not confident in my japanese (and I'm shy buuu) ;_;

    1. Eeeew yeah she's the cutest! And soo talented~ (;//u//;♥)
      Ooh I'm glad you think so!♥
      Actually I am still trying to learn a basic japanese, so we mainly write in english, though her letter is in japanese~★ but I'm seriously going (but slowing) to start learn it, at least a bit!
      Aah don't be shyy~~ Go for it! (♥*//)3(// *♥)

  4. Wow! ^^ What a pretty package! <3 Penpalling is a lot of fun! When that letter comes through the post box I feel so much joy! ^3^

    1. It really is!♥(o*////*o )
      It's true I'm finding it really fun and exciting~ Eeheh! I understand that feeling! //D

  5. Ahww~ so cute everything! Sweet style of ur penpal. But in my opinion a bit to much kitschy things! XD
    but I like the paper designs and the drawings!
    Greetings with Kisses-

    1. Yess♥ She is so sweet and talented!♥
      Well, I can easily say I'm the kitsch n. 1 fan, so.. I think to me it's super good ahah /D

  6. Oooh, all those presents are very cute!*#:・'゚.:*♪:・'
    It's true, her style is so nice!! ♥(人´∀`*)*
    I'm glad you "came back" to blogger. I really like your blog! o(^▽^)o

    1. They are! ;//U//;♥
      I wish I could be as good as her one day! <3
      Ohhh you're always so sweet, thanks darling!!♥♥♥

  7. Wow! Everything is so sweet~ She is talented!: D : D

    1. Yes it's true!♥ And she really is!♥(ლ๑´v`๑)

  8. Your blog is so adorable~ The colors and fun things makes me happy, so many memories from my childhood and awesomeness of late 80's to early 90's... TwT
    I'm looking forward to visiting you again! Take care~

    1. Ohhh I'm so so happy it does! * v *♥
      Ehehe that's my main addiction //D I guess I'm a nostalgia addicted!

      Thank you so much♥