Friday, April 13, 2012

Magical Girl Pache is not a dream!☆

This is a post about a kitty. 
A kitty who dreamt about being a magical girl.

This is a long story and everything started because she used to sleep very, very close to a darling, precious Creamy Mami blanket~ 

In facts, as time passes by, she felt these strong feelings inside her growing and growing, this great will to become a little magical heroin, and to could, one day, be dressed like the girl she spent days staring at (when she didn't sleep, obviously)~

She spent also hours looking at herself in that cute pastel bears mirror, 
wondering all hopeful "Will I become a magical girl, one day?"

Sometimes she gave up, and saddened by this surreal wish she had, she looked at the mirror, and suddenly she teared a bit, thinking about how impossible that sounded...

But one day she had enough of staring and crying.. she found all her courage, she decided it was time to act! (and that's incredible, if you know how great her lazyness is) 
Considering her owner tastes and passions, she managed to find all the things she needed in an heartbeat, one day, just when her owner wasn't around~
And there, suprisingly, something amazing and really magical happened! 

Oh my god! ♥ She finally, definitely, managed to turn into a magical girl, 
and not a plain one but into Creamy Mami

You could imagine her happyness and excitement but, all of a sudden she started to feel extremely embarassed and out of place, and maybe just uncomfortable, just a bit..


It was the first time for her, as a kitty, to feel that way... but she was stronger, and she faced her mix of feelings and she was proud, in the end, to keep her head up and firmly hold her magical wand in her paw, ready to sing and do lots and lots of magics!!

I just know that, when I'm far from her, when she suddenly feels that need to feel like a magical girl again, she will dress up again, and the room will be full of magic!!

bonus pic~ a lovely drawing made by Ribbon, which make me start to think about this story //D