Thursday, July 19, 2012

Something about CCK~☆

Hello dear readers! I’m really sorry about not updating the blog for such a long period ; ;
But I really wanted to, trust me!

Anyways today after months of silence about the issue I have something really important to get off my chest which needs to be said and shared someway with you. So here I am finally ready to say something that's been really tough for me which happened 7 months ago.
Why now? I've always wanted to avoid doing it, though it's seems better to let it out because it seems at some point people tend to misunderstand things a bit. I thought there would have been no need to say anything, people take their own decisions. Things happen it's as simple as that.
Most of all, I didn’t say anything because I think there should be a general common sense, a kind of adult behavior, honesty, and a sort of not written deal when two people stop to be friends and continue to live their life by their own. Therefore, call it whatever you want, kindness, discretion, common sense,  I don’t care, but I was convinced that there's was no need to say anything publicly about the matter. But it's better for me to talk a bit more about this now~
This would be something regarding me and my ex friend only, however, things are a bit different because there was a project between us, and now everything can be confusing for someone.  And no, I really don't want misunderstandings to happen.
Plus, it seems that curious people or just people in general, would get the opposite of the actual story, or worse, they would spread false informations about it without knowing anything.  So..
What’s happened to the Cute Can Kill project in January?