Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm back! .. ?! (◍՞ ਊ ՞◍)

Dear, dear forgotten lovely readers!
W-what happened here!? ?? <- Ehm, what're you doing here Kiki are you maybe wondering what I did in the past months too?
Not to be mean but you two can't really understand, you're always dreaming and floating over rainbows and clouds you silly adorable mini-friends..
I'm just so sad I have basically let this blog getting old without updating with any posts or news or anything at all, aah~
So many things occured in my life actually, so many!!
Rira-chan! ☆: ✩*⋆
Yeah, that has happened too, for sure! How sweet of you two to also made a cute animation for me, eee~  (●´ᆺ`) (╯ᆺ╰๑) ドキ♡ ドキ
Well, yes I'm getting so old, damn! Last year it's been really a long year for me, too many things happened, included a very surprising one and a very exciting and super waited one! Around the end of september I attended a local comic convention and thankfully I finally managed to clear things up with my friend and ex-collegue Sara, and this is something really positive I must admit! I didn't expect this to happen if I have to be honest.. Everything has been made by two friends of us, without who I don't think this could have ever been possible, ahah! Though surprisingly it was just Sara that wanted to talk with me about all the matter and finally explain everything, that's what she eventually did, and me with her. I didn't think I would have feel better after we'd do that because I kind of decided I was so firmly willfully convinced and absolutely not wishful to get back having a friendship with her. But, you know, things and feelings are really weird sometimes! I finally felt better about me and her and all the things that caused troubles, our project to drastically change and us to part away .
We talked a lot and basically made up that day, and the days after we became friends again, step by step~ I'm glad to have got over it, I think afterall everything happens for a reason~

Second thing, after 3 years of waiting and desperate missing I finally landed in my favourite place in the world again, I came back in Japan! !  

This was my dream since long time and I was working on it since ages!
I stayed one month and I had so much fun and the lovely chance to get to know super awesome people and to meet dear online friends and girls I adore and aaaw I'm just so happy and I alread miss everything so much!

Of course, considering my lazyness and incredible lack of perseverance in things, especially things like blogging lol, I didn't post nor upload any picture (just something on instagram ;;) or reports from Japan, damn me I'm so predictable!
And I have so maaany things to tell you guys! And of course tons of pictures to show you! 
I know this has only been a post full of emoticons and nothing else super cute to see, but forgive me, I will seriously persevere in taking care of this blog, I promise! 
 w-what? Are you maybe laughing at my promise you two?!
D-damn (╬ ಠ 益ಠ) everyone doubts about it!

But you, you don't!

Until next time dear cuties! Mata ne~