Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am a highschool lover..♡

.. and you're my favourite flavor ♡
 I dont know why but i have always been fascinated by the word "dream" and the dreamy atmosphere and everything that concerns being in a dream. I like the feeling of indefinite, not being and being, real and not real, i like the non-certain and the confused state of mind.
This explains pretty much why my favourite movie director is David Lynch ehe.
So, when it comes to ethereal, dreamy and uncertain non definite atmospheres i feel it's istant ℒℴѵℯ.
The other day I watched "The Virgin Suicides" again, absolutely one of my fav movies, directed by Sophia Coppola in 1999.
Things I adore: music and everything about the cinematography/colors/direction.
It makes me float and feel I am on a cloud back in the seventies, watching from above, movin slowly along the scenes.
I guess so many girls can relate, in a way, which makes it the perfect movie about teenage to me.

 I don't know how many times I watched it but everytime it feels like the first time, and it touches me and moves me deeply, no matter what.

 Some silly direction effects I adore and I find cute.

Another great thing about it and something I find it's half worth to watch this movie is the music.
It's just perfection.

 Air curated one of the two existings soundtracks of the movie. I love it so so much.  
It makes you float in a dreamy world and it cuddle your feeling especially if you are a little bit down.


The movie's main theme is suicide, which is something that makes people feel obviously uncomfortable. But director makes it look like something who any of us might have thought about at least once during our teenage years, thus it's very touching and real even if very sad and scary.

I love the girly atmosphere, the fact that the sisters are so united, till the end. I think Sophia Coppola didn't always do a great job in her career but this is sure, The Virgin Suicides is just great.
The story has been based on a novel called "the Virgin suicides" which I'm going to read soon♡ A friend told me about it since I wasn't aware it was, i am excited to read it!  

The other soundtrack is equally amazing, full of powerful and lovely songs from the 70's~

This song by Gilbert 'O Sullivan is so beautiful and at the same time very very sad.
One of my favourites. Aah I love this so much! ;;

I hope some of you enjoyed this post and can forgive me if I still can't be good enough at writing long articles, but I'll try to keep at it and hopefully I will! ♡
Let's all get lost in a dream~


  1. I am so glad I found this post ! I've always been a huge fan of this movie and how you described it seemed like it was my own words about it ! Sadly not many people seems to like it where I live so I was deeply pleased with the fact that you explained so well what made me put this film in my favourites as I've never really been able to explain it myself ..♡♡

  2. I am so happy you liked my silly post~~! Eheh this really means a lot, I am not confident enough about my english and the way I write but even if I can please one person only then I feel it'll worth it!♡ And yeah the film is just so evocative and sadly beautiful♡♡

  3. Woow ♡ I still do not see this movie, but now I have to, the music is beautiful! I've been listening to it while reading the post, I'll go get the movie right now, I love to read your new entries that good that you're back!