Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am a highschool lover..♡

.. and you're my favourite flavor ♡
 I dont know why but i have always been fascinated by the word "dream" and the dreamy atmosphere and everything that concerns being in a dream. I like the feeling of indefinite, not being and being, real and not real, i like the non-certain and the confused state of mind.
This explains pretty much why my favourite movie director is David Lynch ehe.
So, when it comes to ethereal, dreamy and uncertain non definite atmospheres i feel it's istant ℒℴѵℯ.
The other day I watched "The Virgin Suicides" again, absolutely one of my fav movies, directed by Sophia Coppola in 1999.
Things I adore: music and everything about the cinematography/colors/direction.
It makes me float and feel I am on a cloud back in the seventies, watching from above, movin slowly along the scenes.
I guess so many girls can relate, in a way, which makes it the perfect movie about teenage to me.

 I don't know how many times I watched it but everytime it feels like the first time, and it touches me and moves me deeply, no matter what.

 Some silly direction effects I adore and I find cute.

Another great thing about it and something I find it's half worth to watch this movie is the music.
It's just perfection.

 Air curated one of the two existings soundtracks of the movie. I love it so so much.  
It makes you float in a dreamy world and it cuddle your feeling especially if you are a little bit down.


The movie's main theme is suicide, which is something that makes people feel obviously uncomfortable. But director makes it look like something who any of us might have thought about at least once during our teenage years, thus it's very touching and real even if very sad and scary.

I love the girly atmosphere, the fact that the sisters are so united, till the end. I think Sophia Coppola didn't always do a great job in her career but this is sure, The Virgin Suicides is just great.
The story has been based on a novel called "the Virgin suicides" which I'm going to read soon♡ A friend told me about it since I wasn't aware it was, i am excited to read it!  

The other soundtrack is equally amazing, full of powerful and lovely songs from the 70's~

This song by Gilbert 'O Sullivan is so beautiful and at the same time very very sad.
One of my favourites. Aah I love this so much! ;;

I hope some of you enjoyed this post and can forgive me if I still can't be good enough at writing long articles, but I'll try to keep at it and hopefully I will! ♡
Let's all get lost in a dream~

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This is me. ♡

I will skip all that part where I apologize for my lack of posts, I just felt it was finally time to come back blogging after I have thought about it at least a hundred of times..

I want this place to be active from now on, I feel I have always had, in the past few years, a costant hate/love for showing myself on social medias, talking about me, talking about my life and how things go with me in general. I am on every kind of social media and I do use them quite often, though for what concerns actually showing my real me, that's another story. I just think it's time I let this feeling go, since I struggle with this choice i'll try for a "let's share the more that i can" thing from now on!
The main purpose is open up to people, not feeling scared anymore or else too caring about this and that.
I have decided this year will be the "true myself " year, where I'll do everything in order to find the right choices for me in my life, and look up to what I really love and desire. I think most people who know me assume i am an extrovert kind of person, though the truth is instead that i am an introvert or actually a very well mess of the two things together, which makes everything worse for me, to an extent.

Truth is that I generally feel pretty much lonely most of the time, wether it is because of me closing myself out of the world, or the fact I always end up keeping a very few importants persons close to me only. Which I don't want to stop me from knowing lots of lovely people out there, not anymore.
The fact is, I don't want to be afraid anymore, even if I care too much, or if I tend to be selective and picky about people to have a comnection with (which i hate), there is no reasons why I should stop being who I am, a person who cares and loves deeply and wants to have friends, like everybody else.

Because of my work, being an indipendent artisan/designer, I basically spent the last years mostly sitting in my room, crafting for my shop and doing things, except for my trips to Japan, that gave more sense to my existence and made me the person I am now. Because of this, I feel I am a part-time hikikomori to an extent, of course I am not using this word meaning it at its full sense, but to give the idea where I feel trapped in my own country, in my own city, house, room, most of my days, months, years..

To give the explanation for my sense of refuse to go out, everyday, for the depressed feelings and the fact I am being very bad while living here. And this surely didn't help everything else too.

So, online activity someway became addictive, a way to escape from my everyday reality, and a trap nonetheless. Love & hate. But I am still here using an online social media, trying to express my feelings and forcing myself to be honest and true about anything, I am sure this is good!
Not really sure why, but it feels it is the right thing to do. Or maybe I just you know, need to vent and not bother anybody directly.

One thing is sure, I will try to update this place very often, even if just for a silly picture + quotes from a movie, or a consideration about life, or a more deep talking and such.

Thank you for everyone who felt curious to come here and read these silly words, it means so much to me, really.