A b o u t m e ♡

Hello cutie and thank you for stopping by my name is Lila and I live in Rome, I am an independent artisan and designer for my own brand, Cute Can Kill. My dream is traveling as much as I can and get to expand my activity gradually with new projects~♡ 

Dreamy, 80's and retro japanese aesthetic are my thing, I adore vintage Sanrio & old manga and anime. My favourite thing to do in life is basically live/work in Japan, which is something I am trying to do ever since a few years, periodically~  Illustration, crafting, art projects & anything creative is what I love to do the most. Ethereal, dreamy, nostalgic atmospheres makes my heart beat, as well as fancy retro pop ones. Others things I am interested in, and that you'll read of probably if you'll follow me here, is dark and oniric movies & TV series, David Lynch's everything, woods and cats, skyscrapers, vintage clothing, cooking and cute recipes, collecting stationery, photography, makeup and kawaii.

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